Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mrs Angry's Olympic supplement: a day and night in pictures

As you know, Mrs Angry's spies are everywhere, and she has been sent some supplementary photos of yesterday's Olympic celebrations, here in Broken Barnet, for you to enjoy.

Above, an illegal display of non approved carbonated refreshment, an offence punishable by death, in the corporate paradise that is Broken Barnet.

The same illicit material was taken to Friern Barnet, to salute the Olympic torch, and stand, impertinently, in an act of civil disobedience outside the former library, closed by local Councillor Robert Rams and his Tory chums, and transformed, as if by magic, into a marvellous prospective development. Please note the shouty plainclothes policeman seemingly wiping his nose on his fingers, which is something his mum should have taught him not to do, in Mrs Angry's opinion.

Mrs Angry's geeky plane spotting readers - here is a treat for you all, especially Mrs Angry's brother - yes, you will have noticed the Typhoon fighter that flew over Hendon just before the arrival of the Olympic Torch: look see ... those pointy things are missiles, apparently. Just in case any local cafe owners were intent on holding up any posters along the route, and embarrassing the corporate sponsors.

To celebrate the coming of the corporate carnival to Broken Barnet, the Mayor of London kindly arranged a display in Victoria Park, which took place rather romantically at dusk, with a half moon glowing in the sky, and hordes of sweaty Tory councillors wandering about in the crowd, safe in the knowledge that the lack of lighting meant no one would recognise them, grab them by the collar, and give them a good talking to about the dangerous lunacy of One Barnet.

As you can see below, however, one or two of them took the sensible precaution of removing their ties.

Above, yes, once again here we have Tory leader Richard Cornelius being bored to tears by his (former) Cabinet colleague, and our (former) GLA member, Cllr Brian Coleman .

We then all settled down to watch a frankly rather repetitive display of dancing, which seemed to be an allegory of life in Broken Barnet, the creative spirit caged and subjugated to the rule of repressive Tory policies, over a tediously long period of time.

... and then, goodness me, here was a most perplexing act - involving an enormous crane, from which dangled a number of rather tubby angels in drag, wrapped up in what looked like a collection of giant used condoms, cheerfully festooned with sparkling red lights. It was a memorable sight. It had been suggested by some, of course - oh, alright, by Mrs Angry - that Tory councillors dangling from a crane might be an even more memorable, and indeed enjoyable sight. Which was funny, because ...

... by this point we had lost sight of one of our most beloved Tory councillors, and, rather oddly, Mrs Angry did not see him reappear for the rest of the evening.

Although ...

Thanks to Mrs Angry's special correspondants everywhere.

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