Monday, 15 October 2012

Mrs Angry's Film Club: Barnet - the £1 Billion Gamble

Just a reminder that in a week's time the premiere showing of the second Barnet film, 'Barnet - the £1Billion Gamble' will be taking place at the Phoenix cinema, East Finchley, at 6pm. (More interesting Barnet synchronicity there, of course, with our occupied library having been reclaimed for the community by a community squatter named ... Phoenix' ...) 

Be warned: there is a risk that not all of Mrs Angry's rambling contribution was thrown on the cutting room floor where it no doubt deserves to be.

Do come along. Last time, you know, when 'A Tale of Two Barnets' was premiered, Mrs Angry asked Councillor Brian Coleman (yes, alright, bottom of a long list, sadly) if he would like to escort her. She even offered to buy him an ice cream in the intermission, if he was a good boy. Rather rudely, he didn't reply, but at least he didn't threaten her with the police, which is his normal reaction to her occaisional emails ... anyway, she has just asked Eric Pickles if he would like to come this time.

The film's producers have issued the following press release:

Press Release - Monday 15th October 2012
On Monday 22nd October at 6pm, the world premiere of a new film, 'Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble' will be shown at the iconic Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley. The film has been made by acclaimed US film director Charles Honderick and exposes the chaos being wrought by the policies of Barnet Council. 
Local residents are interviewed and explain just how difficult life has become. 
A family with a child suffering severe disability tells how no appropriate accomodation has been provided for eleven years. 
Users of day centres explain how cuts to transport have affected them and how they get charged £1.20 for a cup of nescafe. 
Local traders tell the tale of how the parking policies have forced them to the brink.
Award winning film director Ken Loach explains how outsourcing destroys local economies. A host of experts explain how the One Barnet programme is doomed to failure, it is a Billion Pound Gamble, where private companies will pick up fat cheques, local residents will get shoddy services and local taxpayers will be left to pick up the bill.
The film also features shocking scenes filmed inside the Town Hall as uncaring local councillors dismiss the concerns of residents and laugh as important decisions, which will cause misery for thousands, are passed without proper debate.
The official trailer for the film has been released today and can be viewed on the film website

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