Sunday, 25 November 2012

Barnet's Tory councillors, sitting on the wall ... Mrs Angry offers a helping hand

So, as of yesterday, Mrs Angry has received the astonishing total of ONE response to her email to the councillors of Broken Barnet, regaling them with her views on One Barnet - and apparently this was one more than fellow blogger Roger Tichborne, although he says he has had private messages from various scaredy cat Tories too frit to use the emails (which can be monitored) ... 

Naturally, being rather better mannered, Labour councillors have sent responses, including this one last night from one of Mrs Angry's local councillors, the lovely Jim Tierney:

Dear Mrs Angry,

Thank you for this excellent summary of the One Barnet Bonfire of the Vanities. 

When services are sold off and staff dispersed or dismissed and things go wrong, who then do we turn to? 

I seem to remember something along the lines.... "all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put Humpty together again"...? 

Alas this is no nursery rhyme. These guys are for real! 

Thanks for being so cross. 


Puzzlingly, Jim's response provoked a rather enigmatic reply from Tory councillor Barry Evangeli, aka DJ Barry Leventis ...

 (in Greek, apparently, Leventis means really, really, handsome,which is why Barry has to work on radio, in case the mere sight of him in the streets of Broken Barnet causes mass hysteria amongst the womenfolk) ... Barry, as cryptically as the oracle herself, remarked:

 "The nursery rhyme also started with... 

"Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall" 

 Cllr Barry Evangeli, East Barnet Ward" 

Hmm, thought Mrs Angry. Poor Barry Evangeli, in highly vulnerable East Barnet ward ... was he perhaps thinking of this salutory image?

If not, Barry, you should be, and so should all your colleagues.  

Which of you, a year ago, would have thought it was possible that your chum Brian Coleman could have such a great fall?

And if someone who once appeared so secure in his postion can be toppled, courtesy of the force of hostility from ungrateful residents - and a helping hand from Mrs Angry and her circle of friends - how much more likely is it that you and the majority of your fellow councillors will follow? 

Earlier this year, after the furious reaction by residents, Evangeli and his East Barnet colleagues and Cabinet members Joanna Tambourides and Robert Rams became very worried about the effect of the new parking scheme on their precarious electoral base in marginal East Barnet ward, and suddenly decided to protest very loudly about the policy that erm ... they had already supported in council - and which of course largely finished the career of the grand architect of the plan, Brian Coleman.

This should perhaps suggest to them that supporting the madness of One Barnet - a toxic policy which even Coleman has condemned - will lead to certain electoral disaster, but you may care to email them and help them and their Tory colleagues to reflect upon this inconvenient truth, as they themselves are supposed to be sitting and reflecting upon an 8,000 page £750 million profit outsourcing contract with Capita ...

More later, with more thoughts on the careers and electoral prospects of our beloved Tory councillors ...

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