Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Brian Coleman: So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehn, Goodbye ...

*Updated, with statement from Helen Michael, see below:

According to the local Times group reporter Chris Hewett, (details here) Brian Coleman failed to turn up to the Chipping Barnet Conservative Association meeting tonight, where he was due to face a hearing to decide his membership of the party. They voted to expel him.

The vote cast in his absence seals his fate: his suspension from the Conservative Party is final, and although he may continue as an independent councillor until next year's election, his political career is effectively over. 

And he has no one to blame but himself.

Good riddance.

Mrs Angry's spies tell her that Coleman is already talking about standing as an independent councillor in Totteridge next year. 

Good idea, Brian: that will help split the vote nicely between the Tories, UKIP, and your good self. Or stand for UKIP, maybe: you deserve each other, frankly ... Labour win Totteridge? Bring it on.

Tory 'Leader' Richard Cornelius, whose silence on Coleman's conviction for assault has caused much controversy, has still said nothing of the violent attack on cafe owner Helen Michael, but now says of his former colleague's behaviour  

“The situation has been an embarrassment and the actions of one man have embarrassed the whole party. It was difficult but the group had to exclude him.”

An embarrassment: yes, the violent assault of a female resident in the high street is nothing more than 'an embarrassment', Mr Cornelius. Not an outrage, a despicable act of bullying, but something which is of significance because it caused some inconvenience to the Tory councillors of Broken Barnet.

The Tory party in this borough have allowed Coleman to behave with gross disrespect to residents - especially female residents - described only recently, to his colleagues' amusement in the council chamber, as 'sad, mad and a couple of old hags': this indulgence has continued over a period of many years, and the group have always refused to disassociate themselves from such behaviour. The current situation is entirely of their making, and illustrates beyond any doubt their total unsuitability for the responsibilities of public office.

If you need any explanation for the jubilation that is being expressed by the residents of this borough over the downfall of Brian Coleman, you may wish to visit this wonderful site, lovingly compiled by the marvellous Mr John Baldy:

At the end of last week's leaving do for former Director of Corporate Governance, Jeff Lustig, CEO Andrew Travers made a speech, and our Brian stood next to Mrs Angry's brother, muttering throughout. He then turned to Mrs Angry's brother, and started complaining about featuring in this blog, taking objection to the story about him complaining that everything had gone to pot since her brother's retirement (redundancy). (Glad to see you are a regular reader, Brian. I wish I could return the compliment, but one has to draw the line somewhere).

FOR GOD'S SAKE! yelled Mrs Angry's brother at Coleman: DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT BLOODY BLOGGERS! Apparently Cllr Coleman's jaw dropped, taken back by the impertinence of the formerly well behaved governance officer. 

(Mrs Angry has pointed out to her brother that Brian may also have been alarmed and disappointed at the lack of gushing support for his sister's endeavours ...)

And so: it really is the end of an era now: Coleman will spend the next year skulking on the council fringes, making mischief, and the Tories will continue in private to be chummy with him, whilst ignoring him in the council chamber and committee rooms.

His fall from grace is now complete: from his days of glory at the GLA, when he was permanently out to lunch, and dreamed of being Mayor of London, to his last performance, in the dock in a magistrate's court in Uxbridge - the stuff of tragedy, in fact, were it not for his complete inability to show any remorse for any of the behaviour which has so offended people, and which has been the instrument of his own undoing.

Coleman is history now: our focus moves back to what really matters - the future of One Barnet, a programme which he, ironically, has slated, as soon as it was safe to do so, as an officer led juggernaut hurtling towards disaster ...

We hear now that the Judical Review Appeal will not take place until October - this is apparently entirely due to delays caused by Barnet Council, and leaves the authority in a very difficult position. And our new owners at Capita: they  must be awfully disappointed too. Oh dear. 

Never mind.

Brian: here is a musical tribute from your friends in Broken Barnet:


Mrs Angry x

Updated Thursday lunchtime: 

Helen Michael has sent the following statement exclusively to Mrs Angry: 

"On behalf of the traders of Barnet I am glad that this abusive little man can do no more damage. For that reason, as well as the assault, I am glad that at last he has gone.  Shame he was given so much power in the first place.  

As for Richard Cornelius:  he is no leader. He has been led, and badly.  What was/ is he so frightened of?   Even now he has not condemned the actions of Coleman.  It has been proved that he lied time and time again.
On behalf of the Tory party in Barnet I should have received an apology at the very least. Disappointing, and a clear indication of what they all feel towards the people of Barnet, and in particular the traders whom I represent".


Anonymous said...

Thats discipline for you

Don't Call Me Dave said...

A better musical tribute can be found here:

Mr Mustard said...

So yesterday we were treated to the sight of Richard Cornelius visiting the site of what was the Somalian Islamic Bravanese Welfare Association after it had burnt down in suspicious circumstances, like he is some sort of statesman. (He looked rather too cheerful in the press photo that I saw; you need to try for more gravitas Richard.)

Mr Mustard however doesn't look up to a council leader who doesn't lead. When Brian Coleman attacked Helen Michael last September was the time that Richard should have shown leadership, taken the bull by the horns and told BC (& the world) that he was suspended. Words of sadness have only now come publicly out of his mouth as the point of no return has been reached.

Voters of Totteridge take note. There will be better candidates to vote for in May 14 than the failed dream team of RC/BC.

Mrs Angry said...

I absolutely agree with you, Mr M: Cornelius has an unfortunate habit of projecting the wrong demeanour in circumstances which demand a certain amount of seriousness and authority. It is a fair indication of his attitude to the position of leader.

He has failed to censure Coleman, at every opportunity, and for him to talk only about 'sadness' and 'embarrassment'at this stage is simply unacceptable.

Dave-ros said...

Richard Cornelius seems to be trying to come across as an amiable, paternal man who is smiling at his constituents, but it always seems like he's on the verge of laughing at us helpless peasants. I dunno, maybe he's not trying to be paternal at all and really is laughing at us...

button55 said...

Brian a UKIP member,ha!...Hell will freeze over first ..

Mrs Angry said...

Oh, please, Button 55: take him off our hands ... you know you want to ...