Friday 21 September 2012

A quiet week in Broken Barnet ...

Oh dear ... been a quiet week, here in Broken Barnet, not much happened, really, to report.

Can't even think of anything to put up as the Friday joke.

Dum di dum.

Oh. Saw something quite interesting in the Standard this morning, mind you - as they published a quote from me last week without having actually spoken to me I am sure they won't mind me copying the story: 

 "A controversial London councillor has been arrested after an alleged assault following a dispute over a parking space. 

Tory councillor Brian Coleman was held in police custody following his arrest last night in connection with the alleged incident yesterday afternoon. 

Scotland Yard said this morning: “A 51-year-old man was arrested yesterday in connection with alleged common assault. "He was taken into custody in a central London police station and was later bailed to a north London police station in late October. The investigation is ongoing.” 

 Witnesses reportedly said the Barnet councillor was involved in a confrontation with café owner Helen Michael in North Finchley after she saw him parking in a nearby loading bay. The Buzz Café owner allegedly tried to take a picture of Cllr Coleman after which an alleged assault took place. 

Ms Michael was summoned to a meeting with Barnet Council earlier this year after she produced a series of posters accusing Cllr Coleman of “murdering” Barnet’s high streets with high parking charges. 

Cllr Coleman was one of the highest profile scalps claimed in the City Hall elections in May. His defeat was largely blamed on the controversial parking reforms he steered through on Barnet Council, which saw parking fees rise and all pay and display metres scrapped and replaced by a new pay-by-phone system. He also lost his role as chairman of the London Fire Authority when he failed to hold his London Assembly seat. 

The local councillor is no stranger to controversy. Last week he faced calls to apologise after calling members of the public “old hags” during a fiery council meeting about local authority cost-cutting. 

In footage posted on YouTube, the former mayor of Barnet was heard responding to hecklers by saying there were “sad, mad and bad ... and a couple of old hags in the gallery”.

 In 2009 he was found to have broken the council’s code of conduct after calling a blogger “an obsessive, poisonous individual” in an email."

To the sad, mad and bad citizens of Broken Barnet, and old hags everywhere: 

have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Angry x x x

oh, almost forgot - the Friday musical selection:


Mrs Angry visited Helen this afternoon. She was clearly exhausted, and in some discomfort. This evening it has been reported that she has discovered that she has a broken wrist.

No statement has been issued by Barnet Council or Barnet Conservative leader Richard Cornelius in regard to the allegations regarding Councillor Brian Coleman.


Shirley Nott said...

Hi Mrs Angry,
Just popped over from City Hall.
I think you should know, since Roger refuses to publish these minor details, that Mrs (Judith) Doubtfire and Mr Morris Hickey are in fact Roger Evans' parents.

Mrs Angry said...

Then they should send him to bed without any supper, Shirley, in my view.