Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Latest MetPro news

Cracks are appearing in the wall of silence surrounding Barnet council's use of the interesting MetPro Rapid Response security company: yesterday, at last, as media interest in this story continues to grow, a council spokeswoman issued a short statement to David Hencke- see http://davidhencke.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/private-security-firm-that-banned-bloggers-goes-bust/ :

"Barnet Council is urgently reviewing MetPro Rapid Response's position and will be liaising with the liquidators involved."

Mrs Angry, meanwhile, is still waiting for a reply from the Chief Executive in response to the serious matters of public and personal concern she has raised with him in regard to this issue. That's not very impressive, is it citizens? She is beginning to wonder if he is feeling a little bit lost for words - or perhaps the lead fell out of the One Barnet CE pencil when Andrew Travers had to give it back?

Interestingly, she understands that local Tory MP for Hendon, Mr Matthew Offord, has expressed his concern about the alleged secret filming of residents at the recent controversial council budget meeting, and will be taking the matter up with leader Lynne Hillan. And The Mayor. No shit. You might remember it was the Mayor who informed the few privileged residents in the gallery that the police had issued instructions that no others should be allowed in to take up the half empty seats - a statement which in fact was completely untrue.

Well, well.

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