Monday, 22 August 2011

Breaking: The end of a regime in Broken Barnet

Riot police have been called once more to the streets of Broken Barnet this morning, as news breaks of the imminent downfall of a man whose iron grip on the government of this borough once looked set to last for ever, but whose days in power are now ebbing away, as we approach the end of a popular uprising, born in the spring of 2011, and certain to succeed in the spring of 2012.

Pictured above, as the ageing leader slips for the last time into his beloved Bedouin tent,* preparations are already in place for the installation of a new GLA member, and a new era of democracy for the downtrodden masses of Broken Barnet.

*(Normally the kindly and much loved father of his people is accompanied to events of this sort by a bodyguard of thirty virgins, but this year MetPro/Evolution Emergency Response were unable to attend, as they were very busy, on full alert, sat outside the Orange Tree & sternly monitoring the activities of Mrs Angry.)


Mrs Angry said...

Miss Angry is sulking because Mrs Angry did not credit her photograph. Mrs Angry apologises x.

MickeyN said...

Is it better to have a scoundrel inside the tent pissing out or outside the tent pissing in?.....Or better still, pissing off altogether?

Mr Mustard said...

At first it wasn't clear which tent this was Mrs A and then I realised that it was his personal tent so that he could make an exhibition of himself, as usual.

Mrs Angry said...

oh, MickeyN: very funny ... and Mr M: endless fun here to be had ... Mrs Angry, being a fully qualified amateur Freudian analyst,is childishlessly amused by the possible interpretations of BC so keen on entering the womb-like comfort of the VIP tent.(He kept runnning back in there). But possibly it was just the supply of hospitality laid on for the Tory councillors which held such attraction for him.