Thursday 7 October 2010

Sheer Poetry

It's National Poetry Day today.

Recently my eye was caught by the list of tags which this blog has run up since it began, and it struck me that it was a work of art in itself, speaking eloquently of the nature of things as they are here in the wilderness of Broken Barnet: I print the tag list unedited, sequenced alphabetically as they are -oh, and uncensored - but I have broken them up into bite sized verses. Enjoy.

Broken Barnet

a boot stamping on a human face - forever a good kicking absent friends absent without leave accomplished banker ah go on Anarchy in Broken Barnet animals antisocial ASB

bargain basement Barnet, Barnet, Barnet Council, Barnet Tories, Barnet Tory housing policy begging bowls betrayal beyond a joke Big Brother Big Joke Bishop Willie blackberry fool Brian Coleman Brian's electric prodder Brokeback Barnet Broken Barnet Brutalist bullets bullies bullying

Ca ira Cameron caring Conservatives censorship censorship in Broken Barnet chamber pots clowns cock up cold hearted Coleman common compassionate Conservativism Conservative obsessions Conservatives corrupt cowards crap crime cringe cruel cynical

daft Ideas Barnet death of democracy debate deckchairs decline in literacy dementia dirt dirty dancing dirty politics disturbed Dixon of Dock Green Do the Right Thing dysfunctional

easyBolics easyMoney elder abuse emotionless aliens et merci a mon fils ... evictions

fag ends Father Ted fear fear and loathing feck free speech Freedom is slavery Freer funny business furtive smell of lying Futureshape

gamblin' gangsters give us a revolution glove puppets gobbledegook God Help Us Good Old Days gorgons greedy Tories grubby business guilt gypsies

hard nosed harpies he drank it all and said I feel fine ... heartless help: let me out Holocaust Homechoice Hug a Hoodie hypocrisy

idiotic economic theory Ignorance is Strength incompetence inhumane


la la la laziness leader listens Libdems lizards loathing LOL low life shits low pay lunatics Lynne Hillan

machinations menace Mike Freer Mike Freer's derriere Monsters morally bankrupt more money Mrs T Ms X

naughty naughty London Borough of Broken Barnet nice work if you can get it no brains no heart and no courage no paddle no scruples

obscene gesture offside oops oppression Orwellian

pants on fire petitions against the pay rises Pigs in shit pimps poison poop

ra ra rasputin racism ranting rats raving nutters rearrangement revenge revolution in Barnet rubbish

screwed self interest sewage sex shafted shameful shameless sheep shit creek sinister slum landlords smear social injustice sociopaths spanking spawn of Beelzebub sponging stinking pile of sewage strange but true

that's entertainment Thatcherite clone The Getting of Wisdom the shadow of the workhouse thievin' and whorin' Titanic Tories Tory Tory Barnet Tory run Barnet Tory Trip Advisors tragic life stories trouble makers tyranny

ugly unlikely unscrupulous unscrupulous opportunists unworkable

Vote for anyone else vote Labour

waste matter we're all doomed whores worthless bunch of spineless Tory shits yob yob rule


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