Thursday 7 July 2011

Dismore v Coleman: the gloves are off ...

Brian Coleman AM enjoying a well deserved rest

Mrs Angry has received a press release from Andrew Dismore, the former Hendon MP, and now Labour candidate for the 2012 GLA elections in this consituency. Our current AM is of course, Mrs Angry's favourite little figure of fun, Brian Coleman.

Mrs Angry understands that Brian recently had a big birthday: can you imagine, citizens: half a century of Brian Coleman? Jesus, Mary, and all the saints preserve us.

Well, with a bit of luck, Mr Dismore will relieve us of the obligation to celebrate any more happy returns of Mr Toad to the London Assembly. Brian is the member for Barnet and Camden, of course, but Andrew Dismore is of the strong opinion that Camden gets rather overlooked by attentions of Mr Coleman: in response to an FOI request from Andrew to Camden Council for copies of all correspondance to and from Coleman, all that was found, he tells us, rather astonishingly, were a couple of emails, (extract below demonstrating the usual charm and diplomacy of our friend) - other than that, he states:

"Mr Coleman has not raised a single issue in correspondence with the Council in the three years since he was last elected.

He has raised no questions, comments or representations about, for example, housing, HS2, policing, the council budget, the impact of the Conservative imposed cuts, housing benefit changes, any of the many planning issues, education and schools, public transport or anything else for that matter.

Coming on top of last week’s FoI response from the police which revealed that he has raised no issues in correspondence with them about Safer Neighbourhood policing over the last 3 years, we have to question what use Mr Coleman is to residents of Camden, for the salary he receives."

In a document attached by Mr Dismore, he reveals a copy of one of the emails released by the FOI request, which has details redacted but is still a valuable insight into the mind of our AM.

The email subject is: 'Re NLWA Procurement and Veolia'.
action: 'oh dear' (sic)

Brian writes:

'I am sure you will be delighted to learn that the Fire Dispute was solved yesterday after the union at last accepted the Independent arbitration and the demands of Management and members of LFEPA demonstrating clear and strong Political Leadership. A suggestion for NLWA I suggest and of course for Islington where clearly you are out of your depth as a new cabinet member.'

Isn't that nice? Note the use of the word 'solved', rather than the more mutually engaging 'resolved', which of course would require some sort of mutual respect - and willingness to reach a compromise. And why is Brian so Fond of putting Capital Letters in Random fashion to denote Emphasis of things He Approves Of? It's the email equivalent of his Ranting in the council chamber, I suppose.

The document continues with more of Brian's opinions on the matter of a petition which he wishes to ignore in relation to Veolia, NLWA and 'those who hate the state of Israel'. I'm not going to publish these pathetic remarks in full: look them up yourself if you must.

More performance appraisal in store for Brian, over the next few months, I suspect, from Mr Dismore, in the run up to the election next year.

Morning Brian: yes, I see you peeking! Here is a birthday kiss from Mrs Angry x ...

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