Friday 1 July 2011

Update: MetPro, Dismore & the District Auditor

Journalist, sorry, veteran journalist Mr David Hencke has just published the following, infuriating news on his blog: see the full story on:

It seems that Paul Hughes has informed Andrew Dismore, former Hendon MP, and the local Labour candidate for next year's GLA elections, that there will not be any investigation by the District Auditor into the MetPro scandal. Andrew's request was made on the grounds of being in the public interest - which clearly it is - but funnily enough, Mr Hughes disagrees.

Oh: you remember Mr Hughes, don't you? Works for Grant Thornton. Yes, yes: look at the youtube films of the MetPro Audit committee meeting - he was the pen jabbing one sitting at the back of the table, gripping his chin and fixing Mrs Angry with an interesting glint in his eye. I don't think it was a sign of romantic interest, sadly.

You remember Grant Thornton, don't you? Our borough's auditors, paid £373, 000 per year. Yes, they do have a contract, don't worry: they are very hot on that sort of thing, you know. No, really.

Mr Hughes says that there should not be an inquiry by the District Auditor because it would have 'limited impact', and er oh dear, might be seen as 'unnecessarily undermining public confidence in a public body' ... Well f*ck me, he's right, isn't he? We can't have public confidence undermined. At the moment, in this post MetPro world, the reputation of the London Borough of Broken Barnet has never stood so high in the estimation of right thinking people everywhere. Good man yourself, Mr Hughes, staunch defender of the public interest.

We can appeal to the District Auditor to review his decision, in theory, and if you think it is worth the effort, or, as David Hencke suggests, perhaps ultimately the whole sorry business will end up subject to judicial review.

Oh, by the way, I notice the Audit Commission have been visiting this blog all week, for hours at a go: I do hope they are taking a keen interest in the wider implications of all this - before Uncle Eric gives them the order of the boot.


baarnett said...

'Unnecessarily undermining public confidence in a public body' is the excuse they use in North Korea, I presume.

As you, Mrs A, have pointed out, when Lord Palmer moved to the MetPro recommendations at the Audit Committee, he repeating his view that the report made "devastating reading ... horrendous".

You have summarised the situation well, when you said that the London Borough of Barnet has a culture of "Decadence, Failure, Incompetence and Corruption".

I wonder who the auditors of the authority have been lately, and what it says in their contract they are there for?

Mrs Angry said...

Greetings to my visitor from Grant Thornton: defending the public interest on a Saturday morning? Good man.