Friday, 4 May 2012

Brian Coleman AM: 2000 - 2012 - a nation mourns

Mrs Angry has returned from Ally Pally, and the GLA election results. Mrs Angry has had a lot of champagne, so please do not expect any sensible blogging until tomorrow.

Brian Coleman: RIP.

A Nation Mourns:

Barnet has been liberated.

Warmest congratulations to new Assembly Member, Andrew Dismore.

Mrs Angry x

Brian Coleman arrives, with Mum, & surrounded by subdued party workers.

Andrew Dismore, our new Assembly Member & Cllr Kath McGurk

Andrew makes his acceptance speech, as Coleman rushes for the door

Updated Saturday morning:

full report sometime later today, off to the people's library now - in the meanwhile, here is a tale of two champagne bottles. Second one nicked from Citizen Barnet, with apologies.

That was then, Brian.

And this is now:

Nemesis, in the shape of Helen Michael. (And Mrs Angry at the other end of the table ...)

Don't mess with the women of Broken Barnet.

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