"In an increasingly challenging economic climate, it is becoming difficult for small and  medium-size corporate companies, not-for-profit organisations and others to justify the expense of costly monthly retained fees charged by the modern, top tier PR and public affairs consulting firms.

Ramstone Consulting proposes a different way of doing business, one that acknowledges the new economic reality. Instead of asking clients to pay monthly retained fees as part of an extended contract, Ramstone looks to accommodate this new reality through consulting on bespoke projects on a short-term basis.

This means that clients can choose to get their desired outcome without having to make the long-term, often expensive, commitment to bigger consultancy firms. This allows for flexibility and ensures value-for-money together with a clear deliverability of results at all times.

This is ideal for smaller projects, where perhaps larger consultancies would expect clients to pay over-inflated fees for pieces of work which could quite as easily be done by experienced public affairs and PR professionals at a reduced rate.

With limited overhead costs and operating primarily through the Internet, Ramstone Consulting has the ability to compete – and beat – the costs of other more experienced, larger consultancies without losing any of the quality of advice.

Small and nimble, Ramstone Consulting can be a seemless (sic) fit alongside your organisation, working in a true partnership to help you achieve your goals."

Email us today at: Ramstoneconsulting@gmail.com

Good idea, thought Mrs Angry. Could do with some advice. After all, Robert is now an expert blogger, as well as policitician. So she made some enquiries:

Dear Robert Rams

I cannot tell you how pleased I am to come across this new consultancy.

By chance, I am looking for a small and nimble PR company to be a seamless fit alongside me, working in a true partnership to help me achieve my goals, in Broken Barnet. 
I was thinking about asking Crosby Textor, but they seem to have taken on rather too much at the moment, what with all those whistling dogs and go home vans to organise.

I've seen what a marvellous PR job you have done here in Barnet with your Tory colleagues, winning the hearts and minds of residents, with your breathtakingly successful campaign of vote winning policies - from giving yourselves a whopping big pay rise on gaining office, to your hugely popular new parking scheme, and demonstrating an outstanding commitment to our local cultural scene. Who needs libraries and museums, eh? Not us.

We must also remember the brilliantly presented case made - all the way to the High Court - on behalf of the selling off of our council services, which, against all the odds, you managed to persuade us was necessary due to the need for capital investment from the new provider.

Your letter to the press was a corker, by the way: saying we could not even contemplate borrowing the money, as Labour suggested. Imagine our surprise - possibly matched by your own  - when it turned out we, the taxpayers of Broken Barnet had to pay Capita the money instead! What a laugh! Still laughing.

Well: we all make mistakes.

Do let me know how much a bespoke service from you would cost: I am willing to provide a budget of up to about £3.50, which I think is a fair rate, in the circumstances, don't you?

Oh: by the way ... should you be declaring this business venture on the Barnet Council register of interests? Doesn't seem to have been updated recently.

All the best,

Mrs Angry x