Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mrs Angry's Invitation

Barnet's Tory council leader Richard Cornelius, looking slightly unnerved, and Mrs Angry, who is clearly losing her touch, both feature in the forthcoming Charles Honderick production of 'A Tale of Two Barnets'.

Apart from bloggers Mr Mustard and Mrs Angry talking a load of shite, there will be some residents whose views really ought to be listened to - people who speak for the disadvantaged, disabled residents, the elderly, the marginalised sections of our community - and talk about how the new realities of Tory Barnet, Tory Britain, are having such a devastating effect on their everyday lives.

Mrs Angry thought she might try and find an escort for tomorrow night's world premiere - oh yes, it is, a world premiere ... of 'A Tale of Two Barnets' - the 30 minute documentary which aims to portray the state of things as they are now, here in Broken Barnet - showing how badly they are broken, and perhaps indicating who broke them. Having tried every other man in London and the home counties, Mrs Angry bit the bullet and sent an invitation to her favourite councillor.

Dear Brian,

Just a thought. Are you doing anything tomorrow night?

It has occurred to me that you probably would welcome a chance to get to know me and the other Barnet bloggers a little better, and I wonder if perhaps you fancy coming with me to the cinema to see what's on at the Phoenix?

Ah: hold on, says here there is an interesting film, called 'A Tale of Two Barnets'. Not sure what it's about. Mmm ... Ken Loach ... social injustice ... campaigning ...

Oh, featuring Tory council leader Richard Cornelius. Must be a comedy then.

If we sneak in at the last minute no one will notice us, especially if we sit in the back row. And if you are a good boy, I will buy you an ice cream in the interval.

I was going to ask Robert Rams, but he seems to have disappeared.

We might have problems parking, so I will send a taxi round to collect you, say around 5.50pm? (Keep the receipt).

Love and kisses,

Mrs Angry x

No reply, as yet. Looks like Mrs Angry has been stood up. Again. Or perhaps ... oh hold, on ... two policemen outside. Excuse me.

But all are welcome - 6pm, the Phoenix, East Finchley. £1 to get in, £10 to get out. See you there.


Anonymous said...

Just classic, the parking / taxi piece, top blog.

Mrs Angry said...

thanks ... just back from the police station. Questioning, strip search, dna sample. And apparently they also want to talk to me about sending Brian Coleman anonymous emails.

baarnett said...

While you are eating your ice cream with Brian in the interval, I bet he says he hates the film.

But to paraphrase Brian Clough, Brian Coleman may not be the world's worst film critic, but he's in the top one.

Mrs Angry said...

hmm. After he has been in the back row with Mrs Angry, baarnett, he may well not be able to stand up, let alone lick an icecream. And I don't mean in a good way.

Mr Mustard said...

It's very wrong of you to say i will be talking shite in the film Mrs Angry, I will be talking complete shite, if you don't mind.

Mrs Angry said...

I don't doubt it for one moment, Mr Mustard.