Wednesday 28 July 2010

Hard Times in Broken Barnet

Crowds of sympathetic onlookers lined the streets of Broken Barnet this morning and stood in tears as they watched the assembled ranks of our downtrodden Tory councillors set off on a protest march to Downing Street.

By this show of solidarity, our elected people's representatives hope to draw attention to the tragic plight of overemployment and underpayment amongst our Conservative councillors, many of whom struggle to feed their fat faces on token handouts from the begrudging residents of our borough.

'Tell the voters of Broken Barnet that our councillors shall not starve!' cried one particularly rotund and militant spokesman.

Sadly, once the marchers reached their destination, the Prime Minister was unable to spare them the time of day.

' Tell those snivelling little oiks to piss off,' he yelled out of the window of 10 Downing Street, as Eric Pickles pointed the way to the nearest bus stop, and slipped them all the price of a cup of tea.

'We're W**kers, United, we'll never be defeated' chanted the defiant marchers, as they faded into electoral oblivion.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

Mrs Angry

You are too hard on these people. Don't you realise that Lynne Hillan works 2 whole days a week for her £65,000?

ainelivia said...

Jaysus, Marie, and St Joe,( you will have to excuse me, I am Irish and Catholic, and this is quite a common way of expressing shock and horror and disgust and disbelief and just all round anger) if that is pro-rata, for a full weeks work she would be paid a whopping £162,500 per annum. Am I allowed to say that this is fec*in bol**x?

baarnett said...

Lynne is worth every penny.

She is obvious a very talented politician and administrator, who serves the residents of the borough with skill and dedication.

It is RIGHT that she is therefore paid more than the Prime Minister, who is a complete slacker who often takes several days off a week, drinking and worst, with his 'Coalition' cronies.

Oh, just a minute, that's all wrong. I don't know what came over me.

Mrs Angry said...

DCMD: what you and I must learn to appreciate is that we must pay more money to our council leaders if we wish to retain the services and skills of those well versed in successful business management. If Ms Hillan can spare us two days a week to give us the benefit of her noted talents in this area, we must be grateful.
God Bless You, Ainelivia, amn't I partly of Irish Catholic descent myself, and the traditional gaelic phrase of feckin b*llocks is one passed down through the generations in this house too ...
baarnett, I refer you to my first answer, and of course I absolutely agree with your analysis.

Mrs Angry said...

PS I feel I should apologise to the Jarrow marchers who really were - note to all Tory councillors in Barnet - heroic figures.