Friday 30 July 2010

Never Mind the easyBolics

'Ever feel like you've been cheated?'

Johnny Rotten, January 1978

Ask the residents of Broken Barnet: July 2010

Apologies to the Sex Pistols


baarnett said...

And as they sang,

"Lie lie lie lie liar, you lie lie lie lie,
I think you're funny, you're funny, ha ha,
I don't need it, don't need your blah blah.

Should've realised, I know what you are:
You're in suspension, you're in suspension,
You're in suspension, you're a liar.
You're a liar, you're a liar.
Lie, lie.

Mrs Angry said...

ha ha: les mots justes, baarnett ...

Rog T said...

"And Blind accceptance is a sign
Of stupid fools who stand in line"

William said...

Hello. I apologise for contacting you through your 'Comments' function, but couldn't find an alternative way of doing so.

I was wondering if you are willing to consider establishing mutual links between Broken Barnet, and my blog, Bent Council. It exposes corruption in Brent Council's Housing Service. My blog is quite hard-hitting and identifies publicly-paid individuals and I hope this does not deter your from considering mutual links.

William said...

I thought a link to the blog in question might be helpful!