Friday 3 September 2010

Decline and fall: the last days of a dynasty

The unholy union of Ra Ra Rasputin, self proclaimed saint, seer and master hypnotist, and Russia's greatest love machine, with the Czarina Alexandra is seen by most historians as a hugely significant factor in the series of unfortunate events which led to the Russian Revolution.

The Mad Monk's unwholesome influence on the political judgement of the Empress fatally increased the unpopularity of the autocratic ruling family, leading to the downfall of the Romanov dynasty, and the rule of the people.

The catastrophic effects of Rasputin's influence made him many enemies within the royal court, and it was eventually decided by Prince Yusupov and a few supporters that it would be necessary to get rid of him. This was to prove difficult, but not impossible, requiring the use of poisoned cakes and wine, several gunshots, and being thrown in an icy river, where Rasputin discovered that his apparently magical powers of survival had at last run out, and he drowned.

The life of the Czarina, as we know, was mercilessly ended by firing squad in a cellar in Ekaterinburg, along with the rest of the much hated Imperial dynasty.

Mrs Angry does not advocate the use of assassination for political means, of course, preferring to witness the public humiliation of leadership contests, and the long drawn out political death by a series of lost elections.


baarnett said...

Roll up, roll up, get your Polonium 210 here. Roll up. Guaranteed effect or your money back. Slip it in the Town Hall Tea. Roll up. You want isotopes?We've got the isotopes. Death in a few days guaranteed. Roll up.

Mrs Angry said...

Historical footnote, and sorry to lower the tone yet again: perhaps Rasputin's success with the ladies might be explained by a certain 12 inch long anatomical specimen in a Russian museum which is claimed to have been hacked from his body shortly after death. It is said that it used to be 13 inches long, but has shrunk due to being pickled. Hmmm. We've all heard that one, haven't we, girls?

Mrs Angry said...

Mr Roger Tichborne, over on t'Barnet Eye blog, has voiced the opinion that a certain beloved Barnet councillor's 'chipolata' is unlikely to be exhibited in similar fashion in our own Church Farm House Museum ... I suspect that, sadly,this may well be true, bearing in mind the real risk of said museum being sold off by Lynne and her chums.

franklymydear said...

There's a poster of the leading councillors at