Saturday 9 April 2011

Broken Barnet Grand National: the runners and riders

Mrs Angry has drawn up a Grand National Sweepstake for senior officers of the London Borough of Broken Barnet, especially those gambling on ignoring any FOI requests:

Messrs Walkley and Lustig, your horses are:

Don't Push It (10-1)

Can't Buy Time (100-1)

Comply or Die (50-1)

and finally some old nag apparently doomed to fall at the first fence:

In Compliance (100-1)

All bets placed with Iceland's premier turf and corporate accountants, Freerskibank.


Jaybird said...

Luck of the Irish to them?

baarnett said...

I bet all the cabinet members claim their seven pound allowance.

(This is where an allowance is set "according to the record of past performance". Ha!)

Mrs Angry said...

Please note that, due to the luck of the Irish, and Mrs Angry's romani clairvoyant powers, one of her tips came in third at 9-1. If Mr Walkley followed Mrs Angry's advice and bet some of the budget on Don't Push It, we will be quids in, and all our problems here in Broken Barnet will be solved. Sadly, I suspect that her good advice fell on deaf ears, as usual.

baarnett said...

Psst... Hear there's good talk about 'Frozen Island' - an absolute cert, in fact. Heard it from Barnet experts, I have. If we put £27.4 million on 'Frozen Island', we've got it made. Live the Life of Riley, we will. No risk. No. Look, I want you to get in on the ground floor with this, 'cus I know you, see, and I'm doing you a favour. Would I lie to you?

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