Saturday, 31 March 2012

Broken Barnet: a Statement.

The Broken Barnet blog has now been outsourced to the private sector, as part of the One Barnet programme, and will no longer continue in the present format.

It will now be known as the BT Barnet blog and will aim to present a more positive image of our borough, with an emphasis on the corporate values of 'Barnet, a successful London suburb', and 'Better value for less money', and demonstrating a particularly 'relentless drive for efficiency'.

Mrs Angry has now been relocated to a call centre in Bangalore, where her terms and conditions of service will no longer apply, although her (unpaid) employment will be guaranteed, at least until the day after the next local elections.

Councillor John Thomas has told her to feel grateful for this new arrangement, and in return Mrs Angry has told him, on behalf of all council employees and residents of Broken Barnet, to go and get a life in the real world outside of the Town Hall, and to shove the whole One Barnet scam up his smarmy little Tory arse.


Mrs Angry said...
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Mr Mustard said...

How to shove one's JT up one's back passage ( or back channel as the Barnet Bugle seems to call it? ) sounds like you need to be a yoga expert. Is this part of the councillor induction course?

baarnett said...
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Mrs Angry said...

baarnett please don't make a mess of my comments stream. I only deleted one of my own messages because I was trying (unsuccessfully) to leave an anonymous comment on my own blog: that is how unhinged I have become. It works on others though, I have discovered, eh Citizen Barnet?