Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday Joke: the Battle of One Barnet - where the bodies are buried

After the Battle of Barnet, in 1471, which saw the House of Lancaster thrown off the throne for the Yorkist rule of Edward IV, thousands of dead soldiers lay in the fields around Hadley Common. No one has established exactly where all the bodies are buried, although they are rumoured to lie in the area known as 'Deadman's Bottom'.

Here is another burial place of interest, however: look -a local cemetery that has not as yet been packaged up for sale - and one where some of the casualties of war, and the last vestiges of Tory One Barnet's credibility, lie dead, rusting away, unnoticed and gravely dishonoured in death.

Warwick the Kingmaker was captured during the battle, and killed in an inglorious end in the bushes of Hadley Common, by members of the party he had betrayed.

Dear me. A warning from history, Brian?

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