Thursday 6 September 2012

Mrs Angry has a good idea

All ready for tonight, chaps? Bag packed? Torch, sandwiches, copy of Local Government for Dummies? No need, look - on Andrew Travers's desk ...

Mrs Angry has been writing a lot of letters this week, hasn't she?

"Dear Cllr Cornelius

Over the last year or so I have written to you perhaps three or four times to ask your view on local issues, and have always been rather surprised not to receive any response.

As a resident, tax payer, and local blogger one might have hope for some sort of acknowledgement, if only out of common courtesy. I think perhaps I now realise why I have failed to persuade you to engage in any debate, however.

I note from reports in the local Times group paper that in the early hours of yesterday, four young squatters from Camden broke into the former Friern Barnet library and staged an occupation, claiming they wanted to open a community library.

It is reported that a council officer took their suggestion seriously, and showed them the property in Friary Park which Cllr Rams is always trying to persuade residents would offer a suitable venue for a voluntary library.

Even more bizarrely, you are quoted as saying:

“We have been trying to encourage community libraries in the borough for some time.
If this group would genuinely like to open one in Friary House half a mile away we would happily give them the book stock. We are currently supporting a very successful volunteer library in Hampstead Garden Suburb and have always been welcoming towards bids from local community groups.”

Of course this is marvellous news for squatters and anarcho syndicalists everywhere.

Where local democracy has failed, and a One Barnet Tory administration refuses to communicate with electors through more conventional media of email, Residents Forums and an effective policy of consultation, we may now take the law into our own hands, break into council owned property and dictate our demands to the elected members of the local authority.

Tonight, therefore, I intend to pack a rucksack, roll up a sleeping bag, and head off to North London Business Park with my fellow bloggers - and a couple of bolt cutters.

Once inside the building we will expect a phone call from you accepting our demands to run a voluntary council administration on behalf of the local community.

This would of course produce efficiencies in savings more real than any of the aspirational ambitions of the doomed One Barnet programme.

And quite frankly, we would make a damn sight better job of things than you and your Tory chums, wouldn't we?

With best wishes,

Mrs Angry x"


Mr Mustard said...

Do squatters come ready CRB checked nowadays?

How has the council decided that "these people" are suitable volunteers to run a libray, and in an unsutiable building at that.

Mr Mustard said...

I have a meeting at 8pm Mrs A so we will have to go in later than that and of course that will be far too early because all of the bloated senior management will still be there burning the midnight oil trying to balance the One Barnet books and work out how you can sell a JV as the original idea when it clearly wasn't. So about 1am suits me but best not tell anyone as we don't want the council to get wind of the idea and increase the security presence although in my experience the night security will be asleep anyway.

I did some work on an insolvent security company once and in the office was the "wall of shame" which featured polaroids of sleeping security guards as snapped by the supervisor when doing spot checks.

Mrs Angry said...

Hmm. Still checking out my outfit, Mr M. quite fancy myself in combat gear.

Mr Mustard said...

That could be a whole new blog site Mrs A

Commando girls

Don't bother with too much clothing though!

Mrs Angry said...

I am sure there are plenty of interesting journals catering for that particular niche market, if that's what rocks your boat, Mr Mustard. I would provice a link, but ever since I added one to the site with George Osborne's erm interesting expressions my blog has been labelled adults only by T Mobile. That'll block a few Tory cllrs, mind you.

Mr Reasonable said...

Oh Mrs Angry what a wonderful idea. I am convinced we could knock the council into shape in a matter of weeks. I'll bring along some sandwiches, a flask of tea and one of my coffee sponges. Everything runs better with a slice of cake!

Mrs Angry said...

oh, yes, Mr R: I quite agree, although I think I would prefer a Victoria sponge, if it's all the same to you?