Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Barnet Council - my arse, says Jim Royle

Yes, from Eric Pickles to the Royle Family, the infamy of swivel eyed Tory loons at Barnet Council knows no bounds ...

Recorded especially for us yesterday at the Unison conference in Liverpool, here is actor and activist Ricky Tomlinson's message for the people of Broken Barnet:

Oh, and : Mrs Angry's long suffering brother, Councillor Coleman's favourite former governance officer, has a very big birthday today, and becomes very, very old, so she must wish him many happy returns ...

When Mrs Angry was born and brought home from Edgware hospital (closed by Virgina Bottomley, too late after the event), her brother was so incensed, he rushed to school and lovingly drew in his newsbook an alarmingly detailed picture, which still exists, of his new and frankly unnecessary little sister in her pram, teetering on the edge of a very high cliff.

Mrs Angry is still teetering on the edge of a very high cliff.

Still here though, eh? 

Happy Birthday x


baarnett said...

Let's see the picture, then.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

What was it that Ricky Tomlinson went to jail for? Oh yes, conspiracy to intimidate. But I guess it’s OK to use an ex-con to promote your agenda, as long as it is for a good leftie cause.

You seem to forget that your chap Dismal Dismore campaigned to keep Edgware hospital open, but as soon as Labour were elected, they closed it anyway. Sorry to let the facts get in the way of your anti-Tory smear.

But happy birthday to your brother, one of the few decent officers in the council (which no doubt infuriated the directors).

Mrs Angry said...

DCMD: Tomlinson has been fighting for 40 years to clear his name, along with the other building workers jailed in what was and is a highly controversial case - they say that they are victims of a miscarriage of justice, but they cannot do anything because the government is refusing to allow the relevant documents, cabinet papers etc to be released, despite the 30 year rule: why is that, we wonder?

The plans to shut Edgware were put in place by Bottomley,and she would not listen to any local residents' views. By the time Labour were in administration it was too late to change course. And now the sharp decline in standards of health care in the less advantaged west side of the borough is reaping its grim harvest of higher rates of illnesses - see the figures of the last few years.

Of course it should have been preserved if only to mark the place of birth of Mrs Angry. And son, although the awful care in what the anaesthetist described as 'third world'conditions in the written off hospital did nearly dispatch both of us.

Baarnett, it is in my scheming brother's keeping - under lock and key, for fear of blogging exposure. I'll see if I can liberate it when he is not looking ...

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Mrs Angry

Either you are being disingenuous or perhaps you are secretly a Liberal Democrat, such is your ability to be selective with the truth.

Ricky Tomlinson was convicted in 1973. Your comments imply that there is/was a Tory conspiracy to hide the truth but the thirty year ‘rule’ expired whilst your Labour chums were in office. If there was evidence to exonerate Mr Tomlinson, Labour had every chance to open up the files. But they didn’t. Why is that, we wonder?

Unless/until his conviction is quashed, Mr Tomlinson remains a convicted criminal.

As for Edgware hospital, if your claim that it was too late to stop the closure was correct, this means that Mr Dismore campaigned on the basis of a lie. Typical political scaremongering, some might say. The reality was that it was not too late. The fat lady had not even begun to clear her throat. Labour could have suspended the closure program pending a review, but it chose not to.

I am so sorry that these facts have interrupted your otherwise interesting blogpost.

Mrs Angry said...

DCMD: how dare you? Really? Libdem?

I would hope by now you realise that my interpretation of what constitutes the fundmental principles of the Labour Party does not necessarily coincide with those of messrs T.Blair, G. Brown, or even E. Miliband.

I think Andrew D was doing the honourable thing, and campaigning on the basis of truth. What the government decided to do is irrelevant.

Your facts are not the facts, but one subjective version of events.