Thursday, 31 March 2011

Media News

Mrs Angry has stopped reading the Guardian, and reverted to type.


Mr Mustard said...

My banisters need polishing !

Jaybird said...

Like Woman's Hour you present a very female blog, which appeals to men and women, covering issues like caring for your father as well local government. I would also say that you present your material in a very female way, without going to far into gender stereotypes, your focus is insightful character vignettes an observations, rather than the equally valid, but perhaps more "male" approach of dealing purely with figures and business cases, or vulgar language.

I would hesitate to accuse Mr Hill of sexism, but I think he could reflect on this, as it may be that he is more drawn to that type of blogger. It may be that he has not chosen to feature you for some other reason.

I would hope he has not chosen to keep you off his picks purely because you raised gender as an issue, because it is a valid question to ask. It is difficult, because on the one hand the blogs are his personal picks, but on the other hand, his blog and picks are produced for the Guardian, so he ought to be objective.

Personally, I think your blog would add breadth, to his Top London blogger picks, specifically because it provides a female view, which, as you rightly point out, are under-represented in his picks.

Mrs Angry said...

thanks for your observations, Jaybird ... as you say it is a valid question, and the facts speak for themselves. Blogging, especially political blogging is pretty much a blokey world, and it would not occur to many of them that their attitudes are in anyway exclusive and not representative of the other 50% of the population. You might expect the Guardian to be different, I suppose.

Mr Mustard, I suggest you take a nice soft duster, and a suitable wood oil, and try a spot of diy in the privacy of your hallway. Make sure no one is looking through the letterbox.

(see, this is where I let myself down's no wonder Mr Hill won't take we girlies seriously)

Rog T said...

Toys???? Pram?????

You do realise he has listed you don't you?

Oh, I forgot you don't read it anymore - Ha Ha

Mrs Angry said...

read what? so: when women are ignored and complain about it they are hysterical. Hmmm. Same old same old. You boys.I hope Vicki M has been acknowledged belatedly, too.

baarnett said...

It's Thursday, 5pm, and Mrs Angry has spiked one of her stories!

No longer can we read of the interesting relationship between Barnet council, and a certain security company (or that could be two, sequential security companies).

It might be necessary to copy Mrs A's posts in future, because of the possiblity they are mere fleeting things. But shadows still exist - this is from Barnet Eye's review of bloggers:

Breaking news: MetPro story leads in Ham & High - So anyway, now I am officially approved by the Guardian, (not Vicki M, though, it seems, which is quite ridiculous) I must write a proper blog ... and do y...

Moaneybat said...