Tuesday, 29 March 2011

They work for you ...

How marvellous to see Miss Ballooniverse giving Hendon MP Matthew Offord an enormous balloon at a recent political function. Matthew clearly is impressed by such expertise and stamina: can't be easy blowing so many MPs' balloons in one go, can it ladies?

Mrs Angry has been saving this lovely photo since it appeared on twitter last week. She has another amusing pic somewhere of our MP judging a Miss Beautiful Sheep competition at a county show ... now where is it? She hopes to put her hands on it very soon. In the meanwhile, she hopes that busy Mr Offord has managed to have a word with Mr Walkley and the Mayor about, what was it ... oh yes, the council's use of MetPro Rapid Response and their alleged covert filming of residents at a council meeting?

While you are at it, Matthew, could you have a word with the CE about the fact that she is strangely unable to communicate with her local Labour councillor because, to the mystification of borough IT experts, all emails to and from her account to his Barnet address have been blocked? *Update, add the Labour leader to the blocked list: how very odd, eh, citizens?

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