Thursday, 8 November 2012

Outsourcing for dummies: Mr Reasonable's guide for Barnet Tories

Barnet resident John Dix, aka Mr Reasonable, apart from being the nicest man you could wish to meet, is without a doubt the most acute, informed, and indeed most reasonable critic of the infamous One Barnet programme of privatisation in the Barnet blogosphere. His skill in armchair auditing is based on his own extensive career in procurement and outsourcing, and he also has that rare talent of being able to explain a very complex issue in terms that anyone can easily understand. 

Here he is then, narrating a brilliant new animated film, explaining a very complex issue in terms that anyone can easily understand, yes, even the empty headed Tory councillors of Broken Barnet: the subject of the programme of self destruction which passes under the name of One Barnet:

Almost the only counter argument that the Barnet Tories can put up in the face of an onslaught of criticism of the One Barnet plan is that there is 'no alternative'. The truth is that, as their chum Brian Coleman has confirmed, they have been hoodwinked by senior officers into thinking this is the case without challenging this assertion, or, most importantly, considering the option of an in house comparator.

Mr Reasonable has therefore written a very interesting post here ...

... in which he presents an eight point plan with suggestions which he believes would produce around £9.5 million in savings - real savings, from efficiencies which our Tory councillors appear keen to overlook, such as cutting back the wasteful indulgence of money thrown at consultants like Agilisys/iMPOWER, rationalising accommodation costs, renegotiating existing contracts and considering bringing back services in house. These options, he says would save more money than the current figures promised by the One Barnet contracts currently been touted to the private sector.

This evening will see a very important event, unique in the horrible history of One Barnet: a debate, or at least a question time style session arranged by the Barnet Alliance, attended by Tory leader Richard Cornelius, representatives of the other two parties, and experts in the field of public sector administration. This is the first and only time in which any Tory has agreed to engage in a public discussion in defence of the privatisation plans, and it promises to be a memorable evening. 

Mrs Angry is very sorry that she will be unable to attend, but she hopes that many of you will be able to go, join in the debate, and hold Councillor Cornelius to account for his wilful, woeful betrayal of the best interests of every resident of this borough.

7-9pm, Thursday 8th November at the Greek Cypriot Community Centre, Britannia Road, London N12 9RU

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MD/N3 said...

Fully in agreement with Mrs Angry.
We attended the meeting on Nov. 8th
It was a unsatisfactory to say the least..
Mr Cornelius was unable to defend the One Barnet proposal with any credible argument. Too much is still opaque and time is running out.
We cannot understand why there has been no in-house comparator to justify (or not) the council proposals.
We are appalled at the low level of communication and dissemination of information by the council for such a long term and possible life changing proposal.
It was said at the meeting that the only options now are a judicial review (too expensive) or, for some tory councillors to vote agains the scheme (unlikely).
What other options are there?