Wednesday 18 August 2010

Moving On

An elderly woman in the London Borough of Broken Barnet is appealing to residents to support her attempts to resist eviction by the council, it has been reported.

Eighty three year old Lynne Hillan, of New Southgate, has been issued with a notice to quit by the council after it emerged that she was still occupying a property owned by the authority intended solely for the use of the leader of the Tory group. A council spokesman said: 'Although we have every sympathy for Ms Hillan, the fact remains that she no longer retains the full confidence of her party, or the respect of the electorate, and she is therefore required to vacate her rooms at North London Business Park as soon as possible, in order to make way for the many candidates on the leadership waiting list, standing in the corridor with a knife in their hands, waiting for her to turn her back.'

Brian, a friend and neighbour of Ms Hillan, has pleaded for her to be allowed to remain in her office: 'When Lynne inherited this job from the previous leader, she expected to be allowed to see out her days in this cushy post, pottering about for a couple of days a week, eking out a meagre living on her pitiful allowance ... to take all security and peace of mind away from her at this time of life is unnecessary, and quite frankly, rather cruel. On the other hand, if she does get kicked out, I am available at a moment's notice to take over her position.'

A Facebook group has been created to focus attention on Ms Hillan's tragic plight: sadly not a single person has bothered to join, as nobody gives a toss.


baarnett said...

"I feel the world has let me down," the lady said, looking up from her zimmer frame.

"I don't get out much, nowadays, although I was looking forward to a knees-up at Hendon Town Hall on 14 September. Sadly, the powers-that-be could stop me from attending, at least as part of the Bingo Organising Committee."

"It's all so sad. Not like the old days, when you could have a few thousand pounds in your purse, and no-one would bat an eyelid. People used to know their place in those days; people would give you some respect. I'd like to go back to those days, you know. Oh, here's me, going on, you don't want to hear about this, do you? (and so on...)"

franklymydear said...

Poor old Lynne could at least say she is retiring to the backbenches.