Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Something for the Ladies

A rare public sighting of Mrs Angry, here inspecting some of the candidates for the Tory leadership in Broken Barnet, and failing to be impressed.

I have to share with you, in fact, my profound sense of dismay whilst researching the photos of Tory councillors for this picture: as my Irish granny would have said of the lot of them: 'if they were hanged for beauty, they would die innocent'. Dear God, what an ugly lot. Apart from silver haired, moustachio twirling, smooth tongued lothario, Councillor John Hart, of course.

No wonder Mark Shooter thinks he's in with a good chance: probably the only Tory councillor with his own teeth and a few brain cells.

There will now be a short intermission in the Broken Barnet programme, while Mrs Angry lies down in a dark room, with a cold compress held to her feverish brow.

Do I hear the sound of weeping in the corridors of City Hall? Here - take my hankie and dry your eyes, Brian: Mrs Angry will return.

In due course.

Don't start the revolution without me.


baarnett said...

Mrs. A. is being mischievous with the labels she has used to tag this post.

Strange that they haven't been used before, actually.

Mrs Angry said...

Mischevious? Mrs Angry? Heaven forfend, baarnett ...