Tuesday 6 December 2011

Move over MetPro: another Barnet procurement scandal

Yes: move over MetPro: here comes another Barnet procurement scandal - and this one is even bigger ...

Barnet bloggers earlier this year exposed the scandalous use by Barnet Council of MetPro, an unlicensed security company which was paid a total of more than a million pounds worth of residents’ money despite the absence of any tender process, contract, or properly regulated payment system.

MetPro proved to be just one among hundreds of similar irregular arrangements sanctioned by the Tory authority, which is currently negotiating the outsourcing of £1billion worth of our council services to the private sector under the One Barnet programme.

During the months of the outsourcing tender process, in blatant defiance of the government’s stated policy commitment to transparency and greater accountability by local authorities, Barnet has consistently resisted, delayed or obstructed Freedom of Information requests by bloggers in relation to matters of public interest, including the much criticised procurement of contracts with service providers. We think we know why that might be.

At this coming Thursday’s audit meeting, 8 December, we are submitting questions to the committee about another case investigated by local bloggers involving the council’s long term use of another private company, RM Countryside, which has been paid more than £2 million pounds of local tax payers’ money with an apparent lack of compliance with the proper processes of tendering, contractual arrangements and the regulations set out in the Constitution.

We are questioning the efficacy of the internal and external audit procedures which are supposed to regulate the commercial activity of the London Borough of Barnet.

The integrity of the One Barnet outsourcing programme is clearly fatally compromised by the failure of the authority to regulate its own procurement, contractual and payment processes and we call therefore for an immediate halt to be made in this programme, and for an urgent, independent inquiry to be held into the disastrous lack of control of the authority’s commercial activities.

MetPro was a warning - a warning which has been ignored: now is the time to stop, investigate, and demand that the actions and decisions of our council in this and all other matters of concern are transparent and fully accountable to the residents and tax payers of Barnet.


Derek Dishman
John Dix
Vicki Morris
Theresa Musgrove
Roger Tichborne

PS: a little update for you ...

Almost forgot, silly Mrs Angry. Do pop over to Mr Mustard's post here:


... where you will find an interesting link between this story and the current parking crisis ... funny, isn't it, that the programme for the removal of these machines appears to have come to a sudden halt?

Never a dull moment, here in Broken Barnet, is there?

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