Tuesday 27 December 2011

New Year Quiz: Part Two

Question 5:

Who are these generous hearted men of the cloth, and how do they offer support and guidance to Tory councillors in need of help? Why are you laughing?

Which of these minsters has a son who has just been awarded £1,000 from our civic events budget to write a musical composition celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee?

Question 6: How much does that annoy Mrs Angry?

Question 7: Look at these mugshots:
a. b. c.

a. Craig Cooper, Commercial Director for the London Borough of Broken Barnet

b. Andrew 'Black Hole' Travers, £1,000 a day deputy CEO

c. 'Non stick' Nick Walkley, CEO

How many non compliant contracts did they admit were in existence after the Barnet bloggers exposed the culture of incompetence regarding procurement in Barnet? How many more do you think there are?

Question 8: What links have these men had with Broken Barnet and BT, and isn't that nice?

a. Max Wide

b. Richard Grice

c. Sean Powley

A bonus question: name the four short listed companies for the £750 million outsourced council services package, and tell Mrs Angry which one you think is most likely to win.

Question 9:
Can you tell Mrs Angry the name of the company now employing Mr Max Wide, and if it conducts any business here in Broken Barnet?

Question 10: What is this strange object, (left) and why is it now covered up with a black bin liner?

Further questions:

- why was a company with a non compliant contract given £80,000 to remove these objects?

-why are the parking meters still in place?

- which order of nuns trained both Cllr Kath Mc Guirk (left - no, right), and Mrs Angry, in devout Catholicism, unarmed combat, speaking with confidence, and advanced sarcasm?


APML said...

Hark,another one standing next to a defunct parking meter.Clearly i`m missing out on something,what does it do for you Kath.??

Anonymous said...

Rather hilarious that you feel the need to point out that the 'strange object' is on the left, on Q10!

Mrs Angry said...

Mr Hope, that was what we swivel eyed trots and former convent schoolgirls call 'a joke'. Although ... no, stop there, Mrs Angry.