Tuesday 27 December 2011

New Year Quiz: Part One

Here is Mrs Angry's Broken Barnet Quiz for 2011,

Part One

Question 1. Mrs Angry likes a man in uniform: do you?

No, that isn't the question. Can you identify the fantasy figures pictured above? They have all provided the bloggers of Broken Barnet with fabulous stories, during the past year.

Mrs Angry will supply a few clues for those with short memories.

a. Barnet's own private and oh dear, illegally operating police force: blackshirts, boots, but no brains - and no licenses

b. a Tory councillor and Cabinet member, like a puppet, but less lifelike. In charge of libraries, but prefers google to reference books.

c. a local MP who fights narco terrorism, and sits on hotel balconies in wet pants.

Question 2
. Answer the following:

a. who gave MP Matthew Offord an enormous balloon, (judging by his interesting pose)?

b. what has happened to swinging enthusiast Councillor Andrew Harper's portfolio?

c. why is Mrs Angry stroking Actor/Councillor Longstaff's Bottom?

Question 3. Which one of the individuals pictured above is allowed to enter Westminster as long as he doesn't bite anyone?

a. the Wizard of Oz, Lynton Crosby

b. Matthew Offord's political adviser, Max (left, looking on in envy)

c. the Broken Barnet Westminster correspondent, David Hencke

Bonus question: which one became over excited and had a little accident on Matthew Offord's shoulder?

Question 4. Which Tory councillor won the Broken Barnet 'Rear of the Year' award, for his services to the dramatic arts, after the blinding light of his golden talent became visible from outer space, attracting the attention of scientists at NASA? (Mrs Angry would explain exactly what these naughty scientists were looking for, in depth, butt plugging such depths of depravity would be completely inappropriate in a blog of inflexible moral rectitude).

Question 5. On the same theme: which is the odd one out here?

a. a blue hole, which Matthew Offord had no time to visit in Belize

b. a black hole, which follows Andrew Travers, wherever he goes

c. Brian Coleman

Part Two: continued on next post ...

... and a big thank you to Mr Anonymous, Mrs Angry's favourite Broken Barnet reader and IT doctor, who has cured Mrs Angry's blogging problems (some of them, don't get too cocky, Mr Anonymous) xxx

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