Friday 2 December 2011

Friday Joke: Richard Cornelius, Tory leader of Barnet Council

From the local Times today:

"TRADERS are outraged after the Leader of the Council said there was nothing he could do about parking issues when confronted by business owners at a North Finchley forum last night.

Councillor Richard Cornelius and highways manager Neil Richards faced an onslaught of criticisms to recent parking changes from traders who claim business has rapidly declined since the change to pay-by-phone was introduced.

Tempers flared when Cllr Cornelius explained: “I’m listening, but I haven’t got any intention to do anything else other than that.”

“I’ve heard you and it’s obviously affected me. I don’t know what I can do. "

Mrs Angry has a suggestion for you, Councillor Cornelius.

Try and remember that you are the leader of Barnet Council. You don't know what to do?

Sack Brian Coleman as Cabinet member for the environment.

Reverse the shambolic parking scheme which has had an immediate and catastrophic effect on the shopping centres of our borough.

And then resign.


baarnett said...

DCMD always said that Richard Cornelius would not lead the Ruling Group into the 2014 borough elections.

Maybe he won't even be around at the time of the 2012 GLA election.

But if Brian gets kicked out of the London Assembly/Fire Brigade, he will need extra income...

(Is the North London Waste Authority Brian's only other external allowance? Or are there more?)

Mr Mustard said...

Just in case the Leader is too busy leading to read your blog Mrs A the following email has been sent directly to him and copied to every councillor:

Dear Councillor Cornelius

Are you fed up with hearing about parking payment problems? Almost everyone is.

You are the Leader. You can fix this mess. Look at New York

Look at that lovely parking meter that takes cash and cards. Parkeon are one of the suppliers to Barnet Council.

Has anyone asked Parkeon if the current machines, which appear to be modular in design, can be adapted. I'll bet they can. Sure it will cost a few quid but £80,000 is being spent on removing and scrapping some perfectly good working machinery.

You will still need to employ some cash collection officers but, as more and more people use cards because it is convenient when the slot is there next to them ( like in Westminster as well as New York )the need to empty the meters so often will diminish.

Have you looked at Big Society ways of dealing with the machines? How about having a team of shop-keepers in each location to empty them each day? A small commission to the traders for providing that service or placed in a special fund to improve their town centre?

There must be a better way than the current one which has been poorly thought out and is being badly implemented.

So, what is it to be? Hero or Zero?

Yours sincerely

Mr Mustard

Now we have to wait and see what the Leader is made of. Every resident could see this problem coming. Why this new system is being bludgeoned in is hard to fathom.

Mrs Angry said...

hmm baarnett, I can see you are very worried about the employment prospects of Cornelius and Coleman, and such compassion is truly remarkable. What the feck is wrong with you? Pull yourself together.

And Mr Mustard, write your own fecking blog, instead of leaving comments on mine longer than the original post.

Mrs Angry is feeling tetchy today, although you may not be able to tell.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Just what are all Barnet's highly paid officers and consultants doing during the day (aside from scratching their arses) if not coming up with simple solutions as Mr Mustard has?

Mrs Angry said...

counting paperclips and staring out of the window, on twitter, on facebook, reading Private Eye, and reading the Barnet blogs.

baarnett said...

When Mrs Angry gets into such a bad mood, she should turn off "Comments" on her blog, since we only seem to upset her even more.

But she wouldn't ever dare to shut us up mid-sente

Mrs Angry said...

Update: Mrs Angry is still in a bad mood.