Friday, 7 October 2011

A Friday joke from Mrs Angry: discover the amazing you

Just fancy that!

Spotted in Finchley this week by Mrs Angry ...

Especially for any tubby little Tory councillors living next door in a charity owned flat, who might have been stuffing their faces in Manchester this week.

No, really: you're welcome, Brian.

Mrs Angry x


Mr Mustard said...

Why is there an apostrophe in Tuesday's Mrs A - shouldn't that also be slimmed out ?

Bwian isn't overweight because he eats humble pie is he!

baarnett said...

And notice the greengrocer's apostrophy!

That will upset wordsmith, DCMD.

No better than: "A kilogram of Brian Coleman's, please."

Mrs Angry said...

oh dear - yes, yes: apostrophes ... see the bigger picture, will you boys?

Btw: please note that not only has Mrs Angry managed video clips and hyperlinks this week -look: after nine months of trying, she managed to get a photo off her phone, into her mailbox, filed in docs, edited and published.Ha. And no help from uncooperative teenagers.

Some bad language was involved, admittedly.

Mrs Angry said...

Ahem: Mrs Angry may even attempt a blogroll. Watch this space.

Mrs Angry said...

and I don't think they would weigh that much, baarnett.