Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Fun in Broken Barnet

An open invitation from Councillor David Longstaffe and colleagues to his Halloween fundraising fun event, on behalf of the Chipping Barnet Conservative Association.

All money raised to go towards the re elect Brian Coleman campaign appeal.

Please give generously.

Donations also gratefully received.


Mr Mustard said...

No gold in the photo Mrs A so none of those can possibly be my elected representative.

Mrs Angry said...

are you sure you have looked closely enough, Mr Mustard?

Mrs Angry said...

btw: can you guess which councillor is under the table?

baarnett said...

You may wish to visit the CBCA web site, and read Theresa's thoughts on "delivering a brighter better future".

With another four years of deliberate cuts in expenditure in a virtual recession, many people will think it will not be very bright, or very better.

Mrs Angry said...

I have no interest in anything Theresa Villiers has to say, frankly, baarnett - in fact, it is a good rule in life never to trust anyone called Theresa, I find.

baarnett said...

Can you twitch your nose, Mrs A?

Bewitched was a Barnet situation comedy, originally broadcast for eight seasons from 1964 to 1972, starring Mrs Angry (pictured, top) and Mr Mustard. The show was about a witch who marries a mortal, and tries to lead the life of a housewife.

While Mrs A pledges to forsake her blogging, and become a typical suburban housewife, her magical Barnet Cabinet family disapproves of them both, and the Cabinet's ludicrous antics frequently interferes in the couple's lives.

Many scenes also take place at the Totteridge Lane advertising agency "Cornelius and Metpro" for which Mr Mustard works. The Angry's home is located nearby.

Typical stories revolve around Brian, or another of Mr Mustard's in-laws, using magic to undermine the union. Brian casts countless farcical spells on Mr Mustard, but never manages to outright destroy him. Brian's ploys to provoke a breakup always fail, as Mrs Angry's and Mr Mustard's love overcomes every obstacle.

Mrs Angry said...

I know it's halloween, baarnett, but there is no need to raise the horrible spectre of my being joined in wedlock with Mr Mustard. I have forsworn meddling with mortals. Or wizards.
You are right about my complete inability to act out the role of housewife, though. Miss Angry has just discovered my failed apple and blackberry pie in the bin and told me I am a Bad Mother. She is right.