Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday joke: We Need To Talk About Brian

For any parents at the end of their tether: especially Boris Johnson and Lynton Crosby.

And now Mrs Angry is going out into the real world for a lovely walk in the sunshine.

Have a nice weekend. x


Mr Mustard said...

Would the mummy be Theresa, Mother Superior by any chance ?

Mrs Angry said...

Many more years on my knees before I make Mother Superior, Mr Mustard.

Don't: I won't publish it if you do.

Mrs Angry said...

... ah, you were referring to the Home Sec. My apologies. I'm sure she is always very well behaved, unlike Mrs Angry, although she does wear interesting shoes.

baarnett said...

on't know if you've
iced, Mrs A, but the
st three letters or
of every line for each
your earlier posts is
pped off, in the
umn on the right-hand

hink it could cause some
sement, depending on
what you were trying to

way, I want to state that
an Coleman is such a big
that he doesn't
erve to be in any
cted post at all, and
tainly not in Barnet.

Mrs Angry said...

yes I have iced, you cheeky bugger, but the expert I asked for help has made me even more confused & I doubt whether or not I can correct it.

Mrs Angry said...

have you been introduced, btw, baarnett: I think you would find you have a lot in common?